About Artem Coin

ARTEM is a fungible cross-chain digital token created by Simonida Pavicevic and Elio D'Anna (founders of The House of Fine Art, Kreation, House of Luxury, and Artcels) made especially for the fine art, digital art, and luxury collectables marketplace and global artist communities.

The ARTEM token facilitates exclusive access to professionally curated programs and exhibitions by HOFA gallery and its affiliate brands. With over a decade of expertise in identifying and cultivating new and rare artistic talents, the House of Fine Art (HOFA) currently represents over fifty established and emerging artists, allowing access to the art market and a more inclusive user experience for art enthusiasts and aficionados alike.

Select works are also made available to collectors through HOFA's innovative digital marketplaces HOFA.io and Kreation.io as well as its blue-chip art division Artcels.com. ARTEM is a fungible multifunction cross-chain token conferring to its owner the beneficial properties of (i) value (ii) access (iii) rewards, (iv) membership benefits, and (v) sponsorship.


- Monthly NFT drops sent directly to wallet
- Exclusive VR and immersive art displays
- Early access to new releases
- Access to gaming tokens and metaverse events
- Pre-announcements of upcoming auctions
- Staking interest (prestige tier only)
- Special gifts including artist-signed collectables
- Voting rights on monthly curations (token governance) regarding launching new emerging artists collabrations, monumental works placements, as well as international exhibition
- Access to special HOFA DAO members only exhibition

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The Purchaser is aware that many questions regarding legal and tax aspects of a token sale, the transfer and use of tokens and the trading of tokens remain open at this time.

The Purchaser is also aware that the purchase of cryptographic tokens or coins is a high-risk investment and Purchasers should therefore only invest a small proportion of their total assets in such high-risk investments in order to be able to bear any total losses.

The Purchaser itself must carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties associated with ARTEM AG, its business, technology, acquisition rights and the ARTEM COIN (ARTEM).

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It shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure that he/she complies with all relevant requirements in connection with this agreement, by acquiring all necessary knowledge himself/herself and, if necessary, by consulting his/her own legal and tax advisor.