Brands is a dedicated NFT auction house built on the Ethereum Blockchain that showcases works by established and emerging international artists. is focused on working with the world's leading curators and studios to showcase the most sought after NFTs. continues to work with exceptional talent whose diversity and cultural relevance make for the most prolific auctions and shows both in gallery and the Metaverse.


Kreation's Web3 NFT marketplace is built seamlessly on the Solana ecosystem and will be launching exclusive drops from the world's leading Athletes, Musicians, Entertainers and Artists.

Kreation allows for 1/1s, Auctions, Editions and Open Editions tapping into the highest level of smart contract functionality. This along with it's high class schedule of drops makes Kreation the market leading platform on the Solana blockchain.

House of Fine Art

HOFA (House of Fine Art) specialises in contemporary art by established and emerging international artists. HOFA is determined to feature a multitude of artistic disciplines with an intent focus on exceptional talent, diversity and cultural relevance.

House of Luxury

Is an international agency representing a portfolio of luxury brands with a dedicated public relations, events management, and marketing department which specialises in the development and distribution within the luxury lifestyle industry, managing and positioning some of the leading brands from around the world.


Opens the lucrative world of blue-chip art investments to a wider and younger international market. The pioneering contemporary art portfolio offers investors equity in the form of digital tokens (NFTs).

Artcels provides a new alternative to traditional ways of investing in art whilst building a bold and diverse portfolio of Contemporary Art with a focus on unique works and rare editions to attract younger, web-savvy investors with an offer on high-end assets and high value shares.

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